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Intime Consultants LLP (a Limited Liability Partnership with LLP Identity No. AAF-7028) specializes in providing Management Consultancy and Solutions in the area of Direct as well as Indirect Taxes. We have been catering to the client’s needs since 1989. We firmly believe in providing Tailor made and customized solutions to the clients needs by understanding their needs, recognizing the core areas of concern, establishing systems and procedures and promoting efficient tax compliance.

Our current client base encompasses Service, Manufacturing and Trading Sector. Loads of experience, wealth of knowledge and dedicated talent pool of professionals with wide ranging skills give us the cutting edge in understanding client needs and fulfilling those by establishing systems and procedures for e-TDS compliance. We at Intime understand the client needs and strive to provide tailor made solutions to the clients’ needs.

Timings of visits
The timing of our assignment will be dependent upon the programme agreed upon mutually, keeping in mind the desired reporting date. We would develop and prioritise the tasks to be performed in consultation with the management and will organise our resources to ensure that your deadlines are met. The day-to-day control of the work will be with the engagement Head.
Findings and recommendations will be followed-up to determine whether prompt and appropriate corrective actions have been taken / initiated by the company. This will also facilitate the disclosure of known but uncorrected significant or material findings and recommendations from prior work that affect the current objectives.
Reporting to Management
Findings and recommendations agreed upon are reported to the higher management. Control and planning deficiencies observed in the implementation of the programme are reported with suggestions for their implementation.
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