27. Tax Invoices

(1) A tax invoice specified in Section 14 shall contain the following particulars namely,-

(a) The words “Tax Invoice” written in a prominent place.

(b) Commercial name, address, place of business and TIN of the VAT dealer making a sale.

(c) Commercial name, address, place of business and TIN of the VAT dealer making the purchase.

(d) The serial number of the invoice (printed or computer generated) and date on which invoice is issued.

(e) The date of delivery of the goods.

(f) The description of the goods supplied.

(g) The quantity or volume of the goods sold.

(h) The rate of tax for each category of goods.

(i) The total value of the goods sold and tax related thereto, or the VAT inclusive value of the goods sold and the statement that VAT is included in the value at the appropriate rate.

(2) An invoice issued under sub-rule (2) of Rule 26 shall be deemed to be a tax invoice provided such invoice contains all the particulars specified in sub-rule (1).

(3) A VAT dealer who has not received a tax invoice may require the VAT dealer, who has supplied the goods, to provide a tax invoice in respect of the sale.

(4) Input tax credit shall be claimed only against an original tax invoice.

(5) The VAT dealer making a taxable sale shall retain one copy of the tax invoice.

(6) Where a purchasing VAT dealer loses the original tax invoice, the seller shall provide a copy clearly marked “copy in lieu of lost tax invoice” containing the following certificate.“I hereby declare that this is the duplicate of the tax invoice bearing No._____, dated ____ Issued to ____bearing TIN____.”

Date:                                                                                                                                                                     Signature: 

(7) A request for a tax invoice under sub-rule (6) of this Rule shall be made within thirty days after the date of the sale.

(8) A VAT dealer who receives a request under sub-rule (6) of this Rule shall comply with the request within fourteen days after receiving that request.