26. Invoices

(1) The invoices, bills or cash memoranda issued by any dealer xxxx shall be serially numbered for each year and in the case of a dealer 75[xxxx], each of such invoice, bill or cash memorandum issued shall contain the following particulars:

(a) The full name, style and address of the business of the dealer making the sale;

(b) The Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or the General Registration Number (GRN) of the dealer making the sale;

(c) The full name, style and address of the business of the buying dealer and General Registration Number (GRN), if registered as a TOT dealer.

Provided that where the purchaser is a consumer, the invoice, bill or cash memoranda need not contain the full name and address of such purchaser.

(d) The date on which the invoice is issued;

(e) The description of the goods supplied;

(f) The quantity or volume of the goods sold;

(g) The basic price of goods, sold rate of tax amount of the tax and the total Sale price which is the sum of basic price and tax amount

Explanation: For the purpose of this sub rule, a retail dealer is a dealer whether registered as a VAT dealer or as a TOT dealer making sales predominantly to consumers i.e. more than ninety percent (90%) of the total sales.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1) the gate pass cum invoice which a dealer registered under the Central Excise Act 1944, (Central Act 1 of 1944) or under the rules made thereunder is obliged to issue shall be deemed to have been issued under this Act provided such gate pass cum invoice contains all the particulars mentioned in clauses (a) to (g) of sub-rule (1).

Explanation: For the purpose of this sub-rule, any gate pass cum invoice issued for the removal of goods other than by way of sale shall not be deemed to be an invoice for the purpose of sub-rule (1).